Things You Need to Do Before Your Next Interview

Things You Need to Do Before Your Next Interview

For years you have contemplating quitting your job and taking the leap of faith. As if on cue you stumble upon a job Ad. It’s your dream job. But wait, you grimace at the thought of the ‘hundreds’ of job interviews you had to go through before landing the current job. How do you prepare for an interview so that you nick it the first time of asking?

Study the job inside out

In the days that lead to the interview, find time to read about the job description. Try to find out if you have the skills that the HR (and organization as a whole) are looking for. Pick any five skills listed and think of instances when you used them. It could be during an internship, part-time job or as a volunteer. In essence, think about your skill set and figure out how those skills can add value.

Research the company

As much as you may have an idea on what your prospective employer does, it won’t hurt to do a little more digging. Familiarize yourself with the company’s mission statement and projects through the official website and affiliated social media platforms. Perusing through the company’s Twitter timeline and retweeting some tweets is an excellent way of showing interest. This also braces you for the question,”why do you think you’re the candidate we are looking for?”

Tap into your contacts

Speaking of social networks, don’t forget to take advantage of your own. Reach out to former colleagues to see if some do have experience in the field you intend to join. If you are lucky enough to know of a current employee, make a point of arranging a lunch date. You’d be surprised by how a good word about you can boost your chances. LinkedIn alumni groups can be a great resource for you.

Prepare questions for the panel

A successful interview should feel more like a conversation than a one sided interrogation. In fact, you are advised to rehearse your speeches. Imagine what you’ll be asked and figure a way of responding to them. It’s equally important to have additional questions ready. The more insightful the questions, the more interested you’ll appear in the firm.

Be confident and use body language to your advantage

Your parents did not prod you to sit upright in the dining room for nothing. They were preparing you for the world you’re encountering today. Body language and poise speak volumes. Show enthusiasm.

These tips should help you prepare for your next interview.


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